Alpha-PreTox provides a variety of services focusing on the assessment of genotoxicity of chemicals with in silico approaches (i.e. QSAR, Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships), in order to fulfill regulatory requirements such as REACH and ICH M7.

We apply a variety of in silico software programs, which combine biology and chemistry with modeling and computational science in order to increase predictive power in the toxicology field.

Our main chemoinformatic tools are:

the OECD QSAR Toolbox, which specifically supports data gap filling through Read-Across and Category formation;

Toxtree, which includes collections of mechanistically-based SAs for genotoxicity;

Leadscope Model Applier, a chemoinformatic platform including both expert alerts and statistical models for genotoxicity (in specific compliance with ICH M7 Guidance on pharmaceutical impurities).

The OECD QSAR Toolbox allows direct export of (Q)SAR results in a format suitable for REACH registration dossiers in IUCLID.
The Leadscope Model Applier generates reports according to the requirements of ICH M7 Guidance.

Alpha-PreTox has vast experience in applying these models, as well as notable expertise in interpreting genotoxicity predictions. Our expertise derives from both our participation in the development of the OECD QSAR Toolbox and Toxtree, and our focus, over the course of many years, on the mechanistic aspects of the chemical structure/genotoxicity relationships.

Alpha-PreTox also excels in the analysis of large data sets relative to toxicological results, and in the construction of Ontologies.